“We are a network of farmers families created in 2009. We live in small remote places around Bariloche in the andino-patagonica steppe area. In-between two mates, unhurried chats and pretty landscapes, we offer to share an authentic experience in the middle of argentinian countryside.”

We can receive visitors from november to may (the months with most favorable climates). The lodging is either a homestay or in a private individual cabin next to the house. All the families offer the possibility to camp. You can access the different places by vehicle, however two of the families are accessible only on a 4×4 (Ferrada and Marin).

  • Familia Ferrada
    Familia Ferrada
  • Familia Toro
    Familia Toro
  • Familia Marin
    Familia Marin
  • Familia Llanquin
    Familia Llanquin
  • Familia Vera
    Familia Vera
  • Familia Millar
    Familia Millar
  • Familia Rodriguez
    Familia Rodriguez

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